The Twitter world reacts to a possible Trevor van Riemsdyk/Marcus Kruger trade

The Blackhawks rumor mill is buzzin’. Everyone has been debating in the twitterverse whether or not this potential van Riemsdyk/Kruger trade to the Vegas Golden Knights is worth it. I wrote a post about my thoughts on the matter. You can check it out here.

I’ve gathered some tweets that seem to outline what people are thinking about the move:

Some people seem sad to see Kruger go…



This seems like a reasonable response^

Some were delighted…

Some felt that Kruger had to go…




Some appreciated his skill…

van Riemsdyk on the other hand:

Many thought it was time for him to go…




But others were sad at his possible departure…





But, one guy felt that, regardless of who goes, the Hawks still won’t have a lot of relief from the salary cap…

Who knows what will happen, all we can do is wait! Until then, check out my most recent podcast episode here.


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