Nashville Predators try to rally but fall 5-3 to the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 1

If you Hawks fans shy away from the words ‘Nashville Predators’ like a vampire shys away from the sun then I am sorry. I understand your pain but honestly, I want Nashville to win it all. They have the skill to pull it off and I think they definitely deserve it. So again…I’m sorry but I’m invested. When I’m invested, I live tweet it then I recap it. Here’s the recap:


First Period: A goal overturned equals momentum overturned. Pittsburgh gains control.

*Also I do realize I forgot the ‘h’ in Pittsburgh*

Second Period: Nashville starts to take back the game, keeping Pittsburgh’s shot count at bay.

Third Period: Nashville rallies but Pittsburgh takes Game 1.








Featured image via Charles LeClaire, USA TODAY Sports

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