Why the Blackhawks hold a special place in my heart

I cringe at the title of this post. Way too soft. “But it’s true,” I whisper.

I have seen a lot of these types of posts popping up, where people explain why they are Blackhawks fans. Specifically, these three, check them out:

Why I’m a Fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, sorry Hockey Wilderness

Why I’m a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks

Why I’m a Chicago Blackhawks fan: Family Ties.

I thought I’d take a whack at it. For me, the reason why the Hawks stand out above the rest is because how they bring our city together.

When I think of Chicago, I think of sports. We are a sports city.  The Hawks, for me, are my tie. My tie to my home. I can’t really explain the feeling. It’s this warm/excited/prideful feeling I get in my stomach when I talk about the Hawks with someone who isn’t from Chicago. If you are a Blackhawks fan from Chicago, watch this video and you’ll get that same feeling I’m talking about.



Chicago rallies behind their team like no other city I’ve seen. The energy that’s in The Madhouse on game day is unbelievable. We all have one goal, the fans and the players alike. It’s to win. We are a winning city (I know it’s hard to say that after the Hawks quick playoff appearance this year, but we are.)

I think the Hawks (and now the Cubs) have given Chicago such a huge sense of pride to each of their fans.

To give an example of the community feel I am trying to illustrate: It was the day after the Cubs won the World Series. Everyone in the city was celebrating the same thing, pretty much until the sun came up. The next morning, the city felt like it was buzzing and everyone knew why. I was taking the train to class and the guy who sat next to me had fallen asleep and slumped over on my shoulder. When he woke up, he looked at me and apologized. I said, “It’s okay, I know. I was out all night, too,” and we both understood. That’s what the Hawks do, also. They create a special connection throughout the city.

I mean, the Hawks won the cup three times in six years. How can Chicago not consistently reminisce about that while staying hungry for more.

Let’s reminisce together if you haven’t in a while.




Am I the only one with goosebumps? Apparently not because in 2013 a record-breaking 2 million people showed up to celebrate the win at the parade through the city, and those numbers stayed strong in 2015.


These are the reasons I love the Blackhawks. They are an amazing team in an amazing city and the pride we have for them is unbeatable.

Stay hungry Blackhawks fans, Stanley will come home soon!

Featured Image via Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune



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